Camp 2017

Camp has been held for another year! Over 200 musicians plus parent volunteers and conductors had a great time at Mapleton. Volunteers where on hand to support particularly new young musicians on what may have been their first experience away from home. Attendance at the camp is compulsory, as it fast tracks not only the friendships and togetherness of the ensembles, but also musical development. In addition to working closely with conductors and alumni, SCYO also brings in talented musicians and educators from a wide range of genres to broaden and develop the musicians. Camp enables the conductors to plan a musical repertoire, and faster progression to more challenging music throughout the year.

Arrival: 4:30 Friday 3rd March 2017
Camp finale concert: 10:30am on the Sunday 5th March - free for families & friends
Departed: Noon on Sunday 5th March
Venue: Qld Conference and Camping Centre, 70 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton

This year was a great success - apart from the opportunities to rapidly develop musically, make new or deeper friendships, and have a great time, we had great African dance and drumming classes with Rhythm Culture from Palmwoods. Fantastic fun - see the facebook page for some video!

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What's included

Included in membership – accommodation, all meals, incl morning/afternoon tea and supper, tuition, guest performers and recreational activities.

About the camp

Music camp is a fantastic annual opportunity for intense music development and making new friends with similar interests. Musicians work in small tutorial groups and their full orchestra groups.
Musicians also enjoy organised night activities and participate in supervised recreational activities, or study and quiet activities.
Accommodation is provided in separate male and female dormitories, each with their own bathroom facilities. Parent supervisors are also accommodated in each building, in separate rooms.
SCYO parent volunteers provide an appropriate ratio of adults to children for the camp. Volunteer parents are rostered to provide duty of care, helping with organisation and supervision. Volunteer parents attend camp at no cost as they ‘work’ and ‘enjoy’ reduced sleep. They are rewarded with beautiful music. The responsibility that volunteer parents accept is to manage and support the needs of all children under their care.
Vegetarian and special dietary needs can be catered for but parents must notify SCYO of these needs well in advance of camp to allow the camp’s kitchen to cater appropriately.
The camp concludes with a free concert for families and friends on Sunday. The uniform for this concert is a Casual uniform.

What to take to camp

Essentials: Instrument, music stand, pencil, eraser, spare strings/reeds/cork grease/rosin and other necessary instrument accessories. Hat and 15 – 30+ sunscreen for outdoor activities.
Bedding: A pillow; fitted sheet to cover the mattress; and a sleeping bag or top sheet and blanket/quilt.

  • For the camp concert: Casual SCYO uniform (the SCYO T-Shirt, preferably dark shorts, slacks, or skirts and closed in dark shoes). 
  • Comfortable, sensible, casual clothes – Shorts and jeans are more practical than dresses and skirts. Shirts must have sleeves, especially for outdoor activities. Please no exposed mid-riffs and plunging necklines! 
  • Warm clothes – Nights can be cool. 
  • Pyjamas!.
Footwear:  Closed-in shoes must be worn at all times, except in dorms. This is a health & safety requirement the camp management insists we enforce. Make sure you have the correct shoes! Bring comfortable closed in shoes and pack a spare pair just in case your shoes get wet. Thongs/sandals are OK for bathroom and dorm areas only.
Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, washer, towel, brush/comb, deodorant etc. 
No aerosol cans permitted at camp. This includes deodorant and insect repellent – both can cause respiratory conditions and burns if misused, and can set off fire alarms.
Extra items: Board games, frisbees, balls etc to play in free time. These items may be bought to camp but their safety is the responsibility of the owner (incl mobile phones, MP3 players, ipods, laptops for musicians with assignment work to complete.)
Phones: Any phones bought to camp are to be switched off during all rehearsals, camp activities and after lights out.

Traveling to camp

Musicians organise their own transport to and from Camp..


Remember your table manners, wait quietly to be served and only take what you think you will eat.
Everyone is responsible for leaving the table they use clean and tidy. Dirty dishes needs to be scrapped off and placed at the appropriate kitchen window for the kitchen staff to clean.
Don’t eat and rush off. Everyone is to stay in the dining hall until they given instructions about what is happening next and have permission to leave.

Free time and study time

There will be some time during the day to socialize, chill out, or study.  Whilst there are swimming facilities at this venue, SCYO does not have the necessary skilled supervisory staff. Therefore attendees are not permitted to swim. Bring your favourite game/frisbee/ball.  Other members like to use free time to study. Please respect their space.

Attendees are to remain in the Camp grounds at all times.


Dorm groups are chosen before camp. You can not change your dorm room after arrival at camp for fire & safety reasons.
Girls and boys are permitted in both dorms except from 9pm – 7.30am. 
The camp’s first aid officer will be introduced to you on Friday night. Ask this person or adult supervisor for help if you are feeling unwell. Several adults will be on duty all night, so you will always be able to find help.
Instructions for fire safety will be provided on arrival..


All medicines needed on camp and instructions for use should be given to the first aid officer.  Parents or adult members are responsible for informing the first aid officer of
any medical conditions that may impact you or others while on camp.

Show your appreciation

All the conductors and volunteer parents at camp have given up their family time to give you this fantastic experience. Please show your appreciation by listening carefully, following instructions and treating them and your fellow musicians with respect. SCYO camp would not happen without them.


Camp is a vital part of the development of all SCYO groups for the year, and is compulsory.

Arriving late / leaving early
Members who need to arrive late, or leave early from camp must obtain written permission from the Director of Music. This is to ensure the safety of members, and out of consideration for the conductors and tutors who put so much work into planning the weekend,

Diet and emergency contact form

Please complete the below form to enable appropriate organisation and your musicians health and safety:
Camp diet and emergency contact form