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SCYO is a volunteer-run organisation. Everyone pitches in at some point. There are some jobs without which SCYO cannot function. This means a parent, grandparent, friend, or musician has to put up their hand and say "Yes, I'll be there and put in the time to get this done."  In recognition of this commitment, if you nominate for one or more designated volunteer roles, you qualify for a rebate on fees.

How it works:
  1. SCYO sends you an Offer of placement, and an Estimate of fees in December.
  2. You  pay the $50 deposit (or the full amount with early bird discount) by January 1, 2012 to hold your place(s).
  3. SCYO sends an Invoice for fees.
  4. You nominate for one or more designated roles.
  5. If your nomination is accepted for a role that requires a regular commitment, SCYO sends you a Rebate document showing your credit.
  6. You pay the balance of fees, if any, by February 8 (first full rehearsal night) to continue.
  7. SCYO sends you a regular statement showing the current state of affairs.

Questions and answers

If I take more than one role, do the rebates add up?

Yes, up to the amount of fees you paid.  No-one can make a profit. It would be a lot to take on that many roles.

What if I pay full fees before I nominate for a position?

You will receive a Rebate document showing what the SCYO owes you. You can use that as credit towards things like camp fees or uniforms. If there is any balance owing to you at the end of term, SCYO will pay you.

What if more than one person nominates for a role?

That’s a problem we would love to have! The current exec committee will negotiate and may split roles.

What if I take a role then fall in a hole and can’t do it anymore?

We understand that circumstances can change. If you take on a role, then need to pull out before the end of term 1, full fees will become payable. We do ask that you think about what may be coming up before committing.  

What if someone takes a role then doesn’t do anything?

Their full fee would become payable. If you have a concern about another volunteer, you should first write to, or speak privately to a committee member. The SCYO committee will work with people concerned to resolve the issue. 

I sometimes help at events with chairs or in the kitchen, or fill in for someone. Can I get something?

We would like to say yes, because we know and appreciate the effort you put in. Ultimately, the SCYO is a member-run volunteer organisation, so we are always going to need everyone to contribute. The rebate is not a payment, but an incentive and ``Thank-you’’ for  critical roles which require ongoing commitment. Working out proportional rebates for every favour, even big ones, would turn into an organisational nightmare.

Why is the SCYO offering rebates?

Running a successful orchestra takes time and effort. Unfortunately, like many volunteer organisations,  a small group of dedicated individuals takes up the most of the work. The rebates are one way to help spread the workload. If all jobs are filled, no one should need to put in more than a few hours in a week.

Don’t people get paid to do this work?

Nobody, including committee members, has ever been paid to run SCYO.  We pay our conductors, tutors and musical director modest fees for artistic direction and tuition.  

Do committee members get a rebate?

No. Committee positions are exempt from the rebate; however they can take on a role that attracts a rebate.