Regular rehearsal times

Rehearsals are held during State school terms only. Members are not allowed to enter the school grounds before 4.15pm.
Please note the times below are for 2014. The times for 2015 will probably stay the same but will depend on conductor availability.
  • Youth Band (TB) Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:15pm Music block
  • Youth Symphony (YS) Wednesday 4:45pm – 6:45pm, Performing Arts building
  • Amati Strings (AS) Wednesday 4:45pm – 6:00pm, HE block - bring a stand
  • Sinfonia Strings (SS) Wednesday 4.45pm – 6:00pm, HE block - bring a stand
  • Concert Band (CB) Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8.15pm, Performance Arts building
  • Chamber Strings (CS) 4 Sunday rehearsals per term TBA
Please note: Arrive at least 15 minutes before rehearsal time to to set up and tune instruments so rehearsals can start on time.

Seating positions

After the first round of auditions at the end of the year, musicians are placed in seating positions in orchestra/ensemble that reflect the outcomes of their audition. Conductors put a great deal of thought into where each musician is placed within a group. Each position is important. Please respect and support their decisions.

Group managers and music librarians

Each SCYO orchestral group has a volunteer group manager and a music librarian. 
Group managers are your first point of contact, and are generally the communication link between conductors, parents, musicians, and the committee.
Librarians assist with the organisation and placement of music.
Please listen to instructions given by your group manager and librarians, treat them with respect, and assist them where you can.


If you cannot attend a rehearsal or concert you must let your group manager know as soon as you are aware you may not be attending.
At least 3 weeks notice is required prior to a performance. This gives the conductor time to make adjustments or organise for someone else to play your part. This is particularly important if you are one of only a few people playing the instrument or part in your section. The success of each group within the SCYO depends on every musician making an effort to attend every event.
You are given the date claimer at the start of the year to help ensure you can be available for all your SCYO events. The date claimer is kept up-to-date in the email updates and on the website:
When a school commitment clashes with an SCYO commitment, the school commitment comes first – but remember to tell your group manager as soon as you are aware of it.
If you are absent without leave, or are absent too often, this can affect your placement in the orchestra.

Sheet music

Musicians are provided with an SCYO folder with sheet music. Music in these folders is expensive original musicMembers will pay the cost if music is damaged or lost.  Please take good care of it. Place music practice markings on it in HB pencil only.  Musicians will be asked to sign an agreement that they are responsible for the care of this music. 

Setting up rehearsal spaces

All parents and members are asked to assist with setting up chairs for rehearsal and putting furniture back after rehearsal. Your group’s manager or librarian will let you know what needs to be done. It is essential for maintaining good relations with MCSHS that we leave classrooms ready for teachers the following day.

Music instruments, music stands and pencils

Music stands are supplied by SCYO. You need to bring your own instrument and pencil to rehearsal. Make sure your property is clearly named to avoid confusion.
The SCYO has some instruments that can be loaned. These generally come at a yearly charge to enable a yearly service. Please ask if this situation applies to you.
Members who use SCYO instruments and other equipment are expected to help move it and set it up. This also applies to transporting instruments to events.

Musician Safety

Musicians must be collected from their rehearsal area only. As the members are in our care for rehearsals, it is our condition for SCYO members to be collected in this manner. Please don’t ask them to wait for you at the front gate as this area is not supervised and rehearsals finish after dark. 
If you are running late to pick up your child, please let us know by phoning your group manager or librarian.
We will then collect your child from the rehearsal and an adult will wait with them in the foyer of the Performing Arts building until you arrive.
It is a requirement of the Mountain Creek State High School, that we undertake the occasional fire drill. This will allow the members of SCYO to safely conduct themselves in case of any unforeseen emergencies. Should you have any questions with regards to this, please talk to one of the committee members.

Food and drink

Food and drink is not permitted in the rehearsal space.
Please take your rubbish home with you or place it in an external rubbish bin. Don’t use the bins inside the buildings or leave your rubbish lying around for a parent volunteer to clean-up – this is something we don’t volunteer to do! The facilities have to be left clean and tidy if we are to continue using them.

First Aid

The first aid kit is located in the foyer of the Performing Arts building. 
Tea and Coffee
This service is available if a parent volunteers to purchase supplies and supply milk on rehearsal nights.


Toilets are located in a building directly behind the Performing Arts building.

Parents welcome

Parents/carers and families are welcome to watch SCYO rehearsals. We ask that you listen quietly so that you don’t disturb the rehearsal. Monitor younger siblings to ensure they don’t disturb rehearsals or interfere with school property.
A parent area is available in the foyer of the Performing Arts building and the music block for people who want to have a social chat. 


Parents should park in the parking areas outside the school gates. Don’t drive into the school grounds, even if the gate is open – the driveway gates are locked at 6pm. 
If you have a very large instrument (eg double bass) or another valid reason to need to drive closer to the rehearsal area please speak to your group manager to see if access is possible. If it is, you will need to have full Comprehensive Car Insurance to enter the school grounds. 


Pets are not permitted in the school grounds This is a school rule that applies to SCYO members as part of our lease agreement with the school. Please don’t bring them, even on a leash.

Lost property

Lost property is stored in our storeroom at MCSHS, in the Performing Arts foyer. If you are looking for lost property phone your group manager, or SCYO parent & SCYO school liaison officer, on 0438 782 332. Do not contact MCSHS staff.