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Orchestra pops up at university

posted 8 Mar 2012, 02:54 by Barry Dale, SCYO   [ updated 8 Mar 2012, 02:56 ]

On wednesday, the Sinfonia and Symphony Strings performed a flash mob at Sunshine Coast university. Click on the link below to check out the sunshine coast daily article and video!

String Ensembles for 2012

posted 30 Nov 2011, 17:16 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Audition results for all groups will be posted on this website very soon.
After careful consideration of the abilities and ages of those who auditioned,  we will be inviting string players to be a part of the following ensembles:

Youth Symphony Orchestra - Rehearsing 4:45pm - 6 45pm
In response to feedback from students and parents, we will only require advanced string players from the Youth Symphony Orchestra to stay longer when there are special tutorials scheduled. This will occur once or twice a term.

Advanced Strings - Symphony Strings - Rehearsing 7:00-8:15pm
We will be offering an optional Advanced String Orchestra for those who are able to commit to the regular extra rehearsal time. Please indicate when you accept your position for Youth Symphony if you are interested in being in the Advanced String Orchestra.

Intermediate Strings - Sinfonia Strings - Rehearsing 4:45pm - 6:30pm
Many of our String Orchestra members from 2011 will be invited to step up to this group. Members of this group will be incorporated into the 2nd/3rd violins and cellos/bass sections of the Youth Symphony Orchestra for the first 45 minutes of practise 4:45 - 5:30, and then rehearse their own repertoire from 5:30 to 6:30.

Junior Strings - Amati Strings - 4:30pm - 5 30pm
Our youngest string orchestra is made up of primary-school-aged students. The highlight of our year will be the tour to Toowoomba in June 2 /3 (tentative date).

Auditions for 2012

posted 22 Nov 2011, 23:29 by Barry Dale, SCYO

The first round of auditions for 2012 were held on November 19-20.  Groups and placements are currently being finalised, and offers will be sent out soon. You are still able to register to audition at Conductors may offer to arrange a time this year for some positions. We will hold another round of auditions early in 2012.

Gala concert - Saturday, 5th November

posted 1 Nov 2011, 03:42 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Where: Coolum Civic Centre, Park Street (near Coolum Library), Coolum Beach.

What to wear: Please arrive for rehearsal in casual uniform as we are having group photos taken. You will need to change into your formal uniform between rehearsal and the start of the concert.

Cost: $5 or $15 for a family of 2 adults and 2 or more children.

Photos: Group photo will be taken during rehearsals. Order envelopes were sent home last night with musicians and must be returned at the Gala rehearsals with payment included to order your photo. If you did not get an order envelope, please see your manager next week at rehearsals. Photos are $16 each. They will be ready for collection at auditions, or let us know if you need to make other arrangements.

When: Concert starts at 6pm. Rehearsal time schedule below. Musicians must arrive in full casual uniform as group photos are being taken during the afternoon.

11.15am - Trailer packing at Mountain Creek State High School

12.15pm - Concert Orchestra arrive at Coolum Civic Centre and are scheduled to finish rehearsal and group photos by 2.55pm.

2.10pm - Sinfonia Strings arrive and are scheduled to finish their strings rehearsal/group photos by 3.25pm

2.30pm - String Orchestra arrive and are scheduled to finish rehearsal and group photos by 4.10pm

3pm - Wind Ensemble arrive and are scheduled to finish rehearsal and group photos 4.55pm.

Please be punctual. If musicians are absent when group photos are taken they will be listed as absent on the photos.

Dinner - Free sausage sizzle will be provided for players from 5pm. Soft drinks will be for sale.

What to bring: Instrument, water bottle, both uniforms (please have formal shirts and tie on a hanger - make sure it is named as there will be a lot of them around!)

Please bring a plate to share for supper after the concert. We have minimal kitchen facilities, so please bring food already cut up ready to serve. We will be able to store some food in the fridge if needed.

String Orchestra - please bring party food (chips and dips etc)

Wind Ensemble - please bring sweets

Concert Orchestra and Sinfonia - please bring savoury

Helpers needed!

As you are all aware, there is a lot of time involved to get these events organised, but we also really need help on the day. Please email Denise - to let her know where you can help.

Kitchen manager.(really important, but not very difficult job!!)

We need someone to co-ordinate the kitchen on the day. You will have other parents to help, but it is good if one person knows what is going on. We will need to prepare and serve the dinner before the concert (not much to do - sausages will be pre-cooked and just need to be warmed), and put the supper out by the end of the concert.

Kitchen helpers - We also need a few people to sell drinks and serve dinner as well as tea and coffee and to help with preparation and serving for dinner.

Stage assistants. We need some volunteers to help move the stage set up between groups- 2 people would be great. We have a stage manager to organise it all, so it is just extra hands needed here.

Ticket and raffle table: A few people to sell entry and raffle tickets.

Set up and clean up crew: setting up and packing up chairs, helping with decorations and helping to load and unload the trailer. Making sure we leave the venue how we found it!

Trailer Packers and unloaders: at the school at 11.15am and returning after the concert to unload again.

Please contact Denise at or 0401 585 159 to let her know what you can help with.

We look forward to a great night! Many thanks for your support.

New look for the SCYO!

posted 25 Oct 2011, 23:02 by Barry Dale, SCYO

We are very excited to share with you a new logo for the SCYO for 2012. Discussions about a new look and consequently, new uniform policy have been circulating for some time. It is a very time consuming job to make this change, but with our new Director of Music and partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council, now is a great time to get it done.

The main concept we have aimed for in the logo is for it to represent fun, youth, the Sunshine Coast and have a modern look. Check it out on the attached PDF or on our uniform page on the website or on Facebook.

This logo will be used to design new stationary (letterhead etc) and for promotional flyers, business cards etc, as well as on new black t-shirts (further details on that below!)

What is happening with uniforms in 2012?

We often get feedback about uniforms. Everyone has different ideas of what they would like to see, and the logistics behind it all with designing, ordering, stock control, accounting etc are extremely time consuming, and we have run out of it this year.  Our goal for 2012 is to simplify it all as much as possible so that it is not such a huge job for volunteers.

We have no stock left of formal uniforms Prices have also increased and it would be up to $65 dollars for the formal shirt and tie for CO, WE and SS, and at least $50 for the SO shirt and tie.

The formal uniform for CO, WE, SS will therefore change next year to all black, like the QYO and many other orchestras and schools. This will mean that everyone can buy their own collared black long sleeve (or ¾ sleeve for girls if preferred) shirt to go with the black pants, socks and shoes which we already have. Some of you may already have a black shirt for school or other performances which can be used.

The casual uniform is still up for discussion. We do have stock left of these shirts, but will probably have to order a few more for next year. They will sell for at least $40 (we sold them just below cost this year which doesn’t really work!). There is also a suggestion to keep the casual shirts for the String Orchestra as the only uniform (apart from the new t-shirt). We could also look at simplifying by only choosing a couple of colours because it is difficult to maintain stocks of all colours in all sizes, and generally puts the orchestra out of pocket as well as being very time consuming.

We won’t need the formal uniform until May, so there will be time for everyone to get sorted. Same goes for casual shirts. The new t-shirts will be printed before camp and can be used for the camp concert if the other casual shirts are not continued or sorted out by then (which will totally depend on volunteer input and time).

In summary for 2012 -

  • Formal uniform will be all black for CO, WE and SS
  • Formal uniform for SO to be decided (either all black as well, or current casual as only uniform).
  • Casual uniform is still to be decided for CO, WE and SS.
  • New T-shirts with logo to be worn for rehearsals, tours, and some other events such as markets.
  • Parents and volunteers can also choose to wear them.
  • They will not necessarily replace the current casual uniform.

FIRST PRINT RUN OF NEW T-SHIRTS being ordered this week!

We are doing our first print run of the new T-shirts with the aim of having them to hand out by gala weekend so you can start wearing them over the Christmas holidays. They are great promotion and we are happy for you to wear them wherever you like. They will be compulsory for 2012. Parents and volunteers can also order T-shirts.

They will sell for $20 each - kids or adults. Orders must be in by midday this Thursday 27th October. To order and pay, please phone Kylie on 0448 44 77 81 so that we can process the payment over the phone on the eftpos machine, or come and see someone at rehearsals tomorrow night.

There is a sample of how the t-shirt will look on both the uniforms page on the website and Facebook. The logo will be printed on the back and on the right sleeve. See the uniform page on the website at:

Facebook - (can be seen even if you don’t have a Facebook account)

So order your new shirt now! Only $20 each!! 

We have not used any SCYO funding for the new logo as we have been very generously supported by some great local businesses. So a big THANK YOU to Ben from Ausgrahics who has been patiently providing us with various logo ideas and concepts, and fine tuning them according to our feedback along the way.

Thanks also to Andrea and Giles at Screamprinting who are helping us with printing at a great price, and another huge thanks to Starshots Maroochydore who have very generously donated a photography package to the orchestra. The photo shoots were done last week, and we can’t wait to see the finished products! Thanks to the kids and parents who came along for those days.

Thanks for your support and please email if you have any questions

Changes for 2012

posted 17 Oct 2011, 14:11 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Details are still being worked out, but there will be some changes to the organisation of groups and the rehearsal schedule for next year. This is partly to accommodate the availability of conductors, but more importantly to be able to provide more tutorials and extension opportunities. The name of Concert Orchestra will change to Symphony Orchestra.  Advanced string players will still be known as Sinfonia Strings when they perform on their own, and will rehearse their own pieces as well as workshop Symphony Orchestra pieces. For this reason Sinfonia Strings players will also be Symphony Orchestra players.

For wind players, this also means that they will also get more playing time during Symphony Orchestra rehearsals. Wind players do not need to be a part of both groups, because some Wind Ensemble instruments are not used in Symphony Orchestra.

Music Director Maria Salmon will conduct both Sinfonia Strings and String Orchestra next year, and will invite tutors and guest conductors throughout the year.

String Orchestra will stay the same, but may move to an earlier rehearsal time of 4.30pm to 5.45pm.

Call for nominations for committee and volunteer roles for 2012

posted 17 Oct 2011, 14:11 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Some of our regular volunteers are moving on next year.

We will soon be calling for nominations for positions. Position descriptions will be updated soon.

In particular, we are looking for a Treasurer and other committee members to begin a smooth transition into 2012. As Treasurer in 2011, Raffael Gretener has done an outstanding job of setting up an efficient accounting system.  With some careful budgeting this year, and the awarding of partnership funding from Sunshine Coast Council, we are in a solid financial position for 2012.  Anyone with some bookkeeping experience will find it a comfortable and rewarding position. We are also looking for people interested in being more involved next year to nominate for other committee positions.

Auditions reminder

posted 17 Oct 2011, 14:09 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Auditions for places for 2012 will be held on the weekend of November 19/20. All current and new members must register by November 6 to get an audition spot, even if you’ve just joined. Registration ensures we have the most current information. Please go to for more information and to register.

Ebenezer Concert Maleny State High School - Sunday 23rd October

posted 17 Oct 2011, 14:08 by Barry Dale, SCYO

Wind Ensemble and Concert Orchestra

This concert is organised by the Ebenezer Child Care Trust to raise funds for an orphanage in Zambia. It is a wonderful charity doing great work. All proceeds go to the charity.

All SCYO families are entitled to discounted ticket prices of $15 per adult. You will need to show SCYO ID, so please see Katusha, Tui, Jocelyn or Ann on the day (your managers and librarians) who will have a card you can show for the discounted tickets.

All musicians in CASUAL uniform please.

SCYO schedule for the day - please be on time so that rehearsals run smoothly. 

10.45 - Percussionists and trailer arrive (set up percussion gear)

11.00 - Rest of Concert Orchestra musicians arrive (set up rest of stage)

11.30 - 12.00 - Concert Orchestra rehearsal

12.00 - 12.30 - Concert Orchestra with Choir rehearsal

12.30 - 1.00 - Wind Ensemble rehearsal

1.30  - Concert starts

Afternoon tea is provided for the musicians. Parents and Volunteers can purchase afternoon tea for $5 per person.

Do invite your family, neighbours and friends and help us make this last Ebenezer Fund Raising Event for the year a memorable one. For the more funds we can raise means more children Ranji and her Ebenezer team in Livingstone can help.

16-22nd October is being celebrated as Anti-Poverty week and the Friends of Ebenezer, together with Mrs Marj White of North Maleny, will be holding a Variety Charity Concert on Sunday 23rd October. How fitting to end Anti-Poverty week with a Charity Concert because the funds raised will be sent to the Ebenezer Child Care Trust in Livingstone Zambia which is taking care of 405 orphaned and vulnerable children. ECCT is also providing for elderly grandparents endeavouring to raise their orphaned grand children who attend the Ebenezer School!

Anyone who is interested in helping to reduce poverty and hardship is invited to come for an afternoon of great music and dance. The Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra, Buderim Male Choir and the Talara Primary College Dance Group will entertain patrons royally! Also, during afternoon tea-time, there will be a floral display by members of the Maleny Garden Club.

For more information on the Ebenezer Child Care Trust, contact 54 296 194 or email

Changes to rehearsals - October 19, 26

posted 17 Oct 2011, 12:50 by Barry Dale, SCYO

October 19

Wind Ensemble - No rehearsal.

Concert Orchestra - Rehearsal for this night only will be in the Music Block, because the Performing Arts centre is being used for something else. There will be a rehearsal with the Buderim Male Choir, as they are performing a piece together for the Ebenezer concert on October 23. 

String Orchestra and Sinfonia Strings - Rehearsal will be in the Home Economic block for this rehearsal only.

October 26:

Wind Ensemble - No rehearsal

November 2nd:

Full rehearsals for all groups. Last rehearsal before Gala, so please make sure everyone attends!

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