Sausage sizzle update

posted 27 Aug 2011, 23:05 by Barry Dale, SCYO
We are nearly at the end of term 3, and once again, we have to say an enormous THANK YOU to Allana who has done our weekly sausage sizzle all year. Allana has done this almost single handed and we just can’t thank her enough for both feeding our kids and raising all that extra money which was really needed this year. Many thanks to the extra parents who have helped lately as well.

We still have many kids buying dinner on Wednesday nights, and I am sure we all agree it has been a fantastic service all year. Allana has very deservedly decided to take a break during term 4, so we would love to see some more parents come forth to keep it going until the end of the year. It will actually only be a few weeks after the holidays as rehearsals will finish in the first week of November, so we are sure we can find enough parents to spend an hour or so to help out with this. We will remind you again lots of times until then, but if you can help, please email and let us know.