Very exciting news!

posted 12 Sep 2011, 00:38 by Barry Dale, SCYO
Great news!  Sunshine Coast Council has advised us that our Community Partnership Funding Program proposal has been funded for $13,500 each year for three years.  

The funding goes towards operational costs such as rent, insurance, and other fixed costs.
This will give us a great boost, and allow us to focus our fundraising and planning on events, tuition, and other musical opportunities for our members.

The assessment panel congratulated SCYO “on your track record, significant contribution to music on the Sunshine Coast and opportunities for young people to become involved in the professional music industry.”

They were clearly impressed by the level of support from members, parents, and the community. Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey, and gave advice and encouragement.

It’s been a tough year but we have stayed strong thanks to the contributions of a lot of people. Conductors and group volunteers met last night to start planning for the end of year and into next year.  There will be some great opportunities coming our way.