Wanted - Music Teacher Contact Details

posted 27 Aug 2011, 23:09 by Barry Dale, SCYO
We are getting stuck into planning for next year now, but a big part of that still has to happen this year. Auditions for next year will be held in November, and we therefore need to start promoting the SCYO to schools, music teachers and of course, the coast’s talented young musicians.

This year, we are focusing on better communication with the music teachers on the coast, and are creating a more current database of contact details for schools and teachers. This is where we can really use your help.

Can you please take a moment to email us and tell us who your music teachers are, and include their phone number and email address (you can check with them first if you need to), and what instruments they teach. We would like to be able to keep them all up to date with the events of the SCYO, so let them know that they will hear from us soon.

We do email all the schools on the coast too, but as staff changes, it would also be good to know who the instrumental music teachers are this year at different schools, so please also mention their name and the school in your emails to us.

Please email these details to kylie@scyo.org.au as soon as possible. We appreciate your support.

There will be a lot to organise for the end of this year and next year, so we will also be sending out some help requests in coming weeks once we do a break down of what has to happen.