SCYO Scholarship Fund

At the AGM held on the 9th of March 2011, the setup of a proposed scholarship fund was voted in by the associate members present.

We will update this page within the next few weeks with the guidelines for this.

work in progress - under review - not officially completed yet

The SCYO scholarship fund is to replace the payment plans previously in place. The scholarship fund is a pool of money from donations that is made available to assist parents with fees who have 3 or more children in the SCYO, or who are in financial strife. The scholarship is not just for the most talented musicians, as every musician in the SCYO is talented!!

Who can apply for the SCYO scholarship fund?
A SCYO scholarship can only be applied for by families with 3 or more musicians in the SCYO, or families in financial difficulties. The scholarship is not an automatic entitlement and has to be approved by the treasurer and at least 2 additional committee members.

How does the SCYO scholarship fund work?
The scholarship fund is an allocation of donations specifically made for this purpose. 

When can I get a SCYO scholarship?
The scholarship fund is not an automatic entitlement. Unless you communicate with the committee in a timely manner (not at the last minute) every parent is required to pay their fees and dues on time, regardless of their circumstances, or a late payment fee of $25 will apply on each and every invoice overdue.

How much funding can I apply for?
Up to 100% of the membership fee and administration fee. However, every member is expected to pay for the association fee  camp fee, and for any uniform costs in full and on time.

How do I apply for the SCYO scholarship fund?
The best way is to send an email to and a committee member will be in contact with you. Otherwise, if you feel more comfortable to discuss this in person first with someone please go to the 'SCYO Contacts' page and look up the Member Liaison person, President, or the Treasurer of whom one should be the person you should be talking to.