Japan Tour 2016

58 members of the SCYO from the Youth Symphony, Wind Symphony and advanced younger musicians recently returned from a fantastic 10 day tour of Japan from 23rd March to 2nd April.. The musicians were blown away by the welcome provided at all the venues and the shared performances. 

Go to the SCYO facebook page for a fantastic record of the tour. including videos of the joint performances with:
Shinagawa Junior Philharmonic Orchestra
Iwakura High School Wind Ensemble
Kamakura Junior Orchestra
Osaka Gakugei High School
Kyoto Girls Junior & Senior High School

The touring musicians had a great time working with advanced musicians and conductors in Japan almost every day, and sharing experiences, food, culture and a tourist highlights. The SCYO would like to thank our hosts for providing such an amazing experience. This tour follows a successful Youth Symphony tour of Sydney from July 6-13, 2014 for the Australian International Music Festival.

Director of Music Maria Salmon reflected on the benefits of the tour "... the tours success is measured in the delight as the musicians recount their wonderful experiences in Japan and as parents had a virtual look into our days through Andy’s wonderful photos, but the true success of the tour will be in the years ahead as we have laid the ground work for SCYO to become an international youth orchestra seeking opportunities not only on the coast but within Australia and now overseas. We made great friends in Japan and hope in the next year or two to be able to host a Japanese group on the coast.

Of course the opportunities are endless and by forward planning it would be great to have two more international tours in the next 5 years. These tours offer inspiration to our younger members to strive to improve and gain membership to these ensembles. Touring ensembles produce levels of playing enhanced by the comradeship needed in both the preparation and actual tour. There is a need amongst touring musicians to support fellow members not only in the playing but also in the day to day travelling. All of our members showed remarkable maturity in their assistance with each other. No one was left alone and everyone was a welcome asset. I was very proud of all our SCYO players."

Who was involved?

Maria, Chelsey and Jodie were the accompanying conductors. Some parents also attended to assist with organising dietary requirements, first aid, and team leadership.