SCYO Testimonials

Re: Sydney Trip

I am so  proud of the musicians and what they have achieved and so grateful to Maria, Chelsea and all of the volunteers who have made this happen. It has been an experience that I know the musicians will remember for the rest of their lives with pride and many many fond memories.

Thank you to all involved for making what has been a truly incredible experience.

Nicole Fraine 13th July 2014

Re: Sydney Trip
I think I speak on behalf of the parent volunteers on the Sydney trip when I say what a pleasure it was to hang out with the  SCYO (or yes!CYO!!) musos for the past week. They were polite and considerate (well, mostly) and FUN!
As an ex-president, I think I can speak not only for the current committee but also past committees and volunteers when I say what a fantastic milestone this is - to tour as a group, to play at such iconic venues, and at such a polished level. I'm sure this is the kind of achievement that the founding committee dreamed of 25 years ago.
We have Maria and Chelsea to thank for their dedication beyond the call of duty, professionalism, tenacity, vision, and sense of humour. Without them this would not have happened.
Barry Dale 14th July 2014
Re Sydney Trip
It really was a fabulous time. This was my first opportunity to go to the Opera House as well. Getting to hear the group play there, as well as the glorious Verbrugghen Hall at the Con, was such a pleasure. I would like to add my appreciation for the hard work Maria and Chelsey put in to the tour. Their energy and hands on engagement with every aspect of the experience made all the difference to the whole group. 
It was wonderful to see the SCYO (SCY-Yo!) group initiate so much interaction with other groups whenever we had the opportunity, and also offer so much support to them and the behind-the-scenes folk. 
I was very proud to be involved in the whole thing. 
Appreciation to Jane & Andre as well as the other parent helpers/group leaders. 
Jo Ramsey 14th July 2014
As parents of Olivia Downey (first time member of SCYO Concert Band) we couldn't be happier with the organisation of the camp and concert itself.  It far exceeded our expectations and congratulations to all involved.  It was wonderful  to see all students enjoying themselves and all are very lucky to have such a high standard of fabulous conductors/teachers that are clearly passionate at what they do. Well done!!

I would also  like to mention that as parents we were a little apprehensive of how Olivia might go being her first ever camp away.  Need not have worried - Olivia had a wonderful time and has made some lovely new friends.
Sonya & Phillip Downey - Parents

Our kids had a wonderful day and they were really inspired by the experience. Your students were such great role models for them and the Sinfonia members are so nice-natured that they bridged the age gap in a really generous way. It was such a pleasure to work with such a beautifully trained group, thank you.We look forward to returning the visit in the future. 
Celia Egerton - Toowoomba Junior Strings conductor 

(SCYO) started my passion for music, through providing much greater musical opportunities (in terms of repertoire, ensemble sizes and the number of teachers and conductors I worked with as a school student) than I would have gained if I only participated in school strings programs. I now am studying cello at the University of Queensland and performing with the Queensland Youth Symphony, and the experience in my earlier life I gained through SCYO really helped shape my future.
Amy - Musician

I recommend auditioning for SCYO to my students that demonstrate a particular interest in music and the drive to achieve at a high standard. SCYO is an important asset to our region as it provides an opportunity for these musicians to challenge themselves. It is also an important social outlet for these students, as they are so often in the minority at their schools. 
Clare Deady - Music teacher /  Conductor

People from a diverse range meet and get to know each other. It obviously provides a great direction for the musicians to focus their energies on and I think makes them better people. 
The benefits are numerous especially for our daughter Hannah. ... (She)  is surrounded by like minded children all with similar aims and interests; not only has her ability to play increased multifold but now to be able to perform in front of others is amazing.
Andre' Boland - Parent

(SCYO) gives students from all walks of life an opportunity to be part of an orchestra and to experience the joy, fellowship and love that music can bring into their lives, and to be able to showcase this to their communities.
The SCYO has given my family a love of music, fellowship, long lasting friendships, a social outlet and in my case, employment through connections within the orchestra.
Sue Coleman - Past parent

The SCYO allows young musicians to experience what it is like to be in an orchestra, and gain confidence in concerts and expressing themselves in music.
Rory Smith - Musician

It is a focal point for musically gifted young people on the Sunshine Coast.  Many of those who will go on to have a career in music will use SCYO as a stepping stone.  They learn orchestra discipline and what is expected from an early age.
Margaret Coglan - Parent

The SCYO, in my opinion, is an organisation that we can be proud of in a relatively small community.
Neil Heymink - Music teacher

Artistic pursuits are valued in the community. Many members of SCYO have gone on to become valued members of musical communities both on the coast and in other places.  Skills gained through music have flowed in other aspects of life - team work, commitment, empathy for others. An orchestrais an example where the overall worth of an orchestra is greater than the
sum of its parts. This is a vital skill in engaging as part of any community.
Liz and Ross Naumann  - Parents and life member

SCYO showcases the skills of students from all schools not just one particular school.  SCYO provides a high quality group to perform at events and fundraisers across the community.
Sharelle Guest - Music Teacher

The SCYO has taught both myself (past treasurer and life member) and my daughter (a playing member for 11 years), what it's like to be part of a  team, all puling together for one goal or outcome. To trust and be reliant on each other, whether in music or life.
Sue Coleman  - Past parent

You get to make friends with people that don’t go to your school. I loved the music camp and the conductors are fantastic. If I didn’t have SCYO, it would mean i wouldn't have learnt as much as have. I love SCYO!
Sophie Coglan - Musician

(Without SCYO) I can easily say I wouldn't at all be at the standard I am now. There are so many things taught at orchestra, that aren't taught in private music lessons ... SCYO has been a very important part of my life, and of my growing up.
Marijah - Musician

My daughter Jasmine loves her SCYO involvement. It is great for her to spend time amongst like-minded musicians, and to get the extra challenge and experience above what she would get at school. We would be lost without it.
Frances Harper - Parent

SCYO gives my two sons an opportunity to grow and progress with their music. SCYO allows them to play and learn music, at a level higher than what they can get at school, they are introduced to a variety of music, they learn discipline and commitment to themselves and the others in the orchestra. They also get to socialise with children with the same interests. Parents also get to socialise in a group of people with common interests.
Terri Lever - Parent

It takes us sometimes over an hour to get to the rehearsals yet these Wednesday night rehearsals are the highlight of the week for my two grandchildren!
Christabel Wilson  - Grandparent

This group of musicians are the cream of all the schools in the region and we found, as parents, that the children involved were more committed to an orchestra than at school. ... Our two girls have remained very musical, one becoming a music teacher here on the coast and uses her talents in local musical productions and plays. She is also a music teacher privately, a school music co-ordinator and also has been asked back tutor at master classes at the SCYO's workshops. She attributes the SCYO as a very valuable instrument to her musical development.
Helen Hilton - Parent

SCYO has been a fantastic stepping stone for my two children.  The advancement made with the transition from playing alone at home to playing in a group was fantastic. One of my children is now studying music at University and aspires to gain full time employment as a performing musician.  By attending SCYO and learning how to play a musical instrument it has given them purpose in life, respect for tutors, other students and for the parents who were constantly at hand to help.  Our entire family made many long lasting friends during the 11 years that we attended SCYO.
Lyn - Past parent

Musically, Jen's sight-reading went ahead in leaps and bounds . Working with a large group such as this is an experience simply unavailable without the SCYO.We have found also that the people directly involved with the students , in Jen's case Calvin Hunter , enthusiastic and hardworking .We look forward to seeing Jen's musical experience expand . We also know she will look back on all this and remember the people she met and shared her teenage years with.
Caroline Magerl - Musician