SCYO is run by parents, musicians, and friends. Community members are welcome to join to get to know fellow music lovers, get a great sense of accomplishment, and pick up some new skills.  Students can gain credits for Students As Active Volunteers Certification or other programs.

Committee positions

Executive Committee positions must be filled at the AGM or SCYO cannot operate legally. Executive committee hold monthly meeting to meet SCYO constitutional requirements and operate effectively. Committee positions must be held by associate members.
Our aim is to have at least one member from each group on the committee.



  • Provides leadership, advice, and long-term planning
  • Delegates tasks 
  • Supports the Director of Music and conductors
  • Organise and attend monthly SCYO committee meetings
Good if you:  Like to plan, can delegate, and have good people skills
Time commitment: Steady throughout the year, depending on how much you can delegate, but it’s worth it.

Vice presidents (2-4 positions)

  • Assist the president with duties as listed above
  • May take on a specific roles, such as events coordinator, volunteer co-ordinator, membership officer
Good if you:  Like to plan, can delegate, and have good people skills
Minimum time commitment: One monthly meeting, and some time during the week during terms.
NOTE: We are aiming to have 1 committee representative from each ensemble.



  • Annual budget preparation, account keeping and finance reporting for regular committee meetings and auditing purposes.
Good if you:  
Have experience with management accounting and can spare a few hours each week during terms
Minimum time commitment: One monthly meeting, and sometimes time during the week during terms.



  • Circulates agenda to committee before monthly meetings
  • Take the minutes for the meeting
  • Print minutes for proper record keeping
  • Collect mail from Post Office box (can be redirected)
  • Record and distribute mail
  • Prepare and send written responses to letters received by committee
We are currently using the resources at mycommittee.com, which makes it an easy job to compile the agenda and minutes.  

Good if you: Like to keep up with what’s going on, are organised, and can write well.
Minimum time commitment: One monthly meeting, and a little time to distribute minutes.
NOTE: These tasks can be split between 2 or more people.


Events / Public relations positions

Occasional commitment 

These positions are required to forward plan events and promote SCYO. 

Events co-ordinators (1 or more - can be split or per event)

  • Planning and co-ordination of events with the Director of Music
  • Organization of venue booking
  • Recruiting volunteers and delegating jobs to volunteers: supervision, setup, stage management, catering, transport, programs and advertising, Master of Ceremonies.

Good if you: like planning events and making them happen. It would suite someone who has some time during the week. You can co-ordinate one or more events, and you don’t necessarily need to attend every rehearsal.
Assisted by: The Music Director, executive committee, group managers, publicity coordinator.
Minimum time commitment: It depends. You would need to spend some time during the week. You can co-ordinate one or more events, and you don’t necessarily need to attend every rehearsal. Planning, especially venue booking, needs to be done well in advance. 
Annual events include camp, Mothers' Day Concert, Gala Concert.


Public Relations officers (1 or more - can be split)

  • Work with the Music Director and the Executive Committee to raise the profile of SCYO
  • Delegate people to write articles, create posters and other promotional material
  • Liaise with media to arrange coverage
  • Liaise with the radio stations and television stations and line up interviews
  • Liaise with schools and other organisations
  • Assist Enrolments Officer with publicity for auditions and open night
  • Organizing the placement of posters in music shops and other locations

Good if you: Understand what SCYO is about and have an interest in the media or PR.
Minimum time commitment: It depends. You would need to spend some time during the week for at least part of a term. You can choose an area to work in if you want a more specific role.


Other volunteer positions

Some of these positions requires commitment at rehearsals and/or events, and some can be done anytime. The duties are negotiable and can be shared.

Resources and help is always available. These positions offer a great learning opportunity

These positions require attendance at rehearsals and events, and possibly other times.  


  • Accepting payments from members and issuing of receipts
  • Banking (Suncorp)
  • Providing the treasurer with a summarised list of banking.
  • Overseeing sales counter at events
  • Assisting the Treasurer
Good if you: can attend most SCYO rehearsal nights, at least in first term, because there are often some receipts taken and some payments to be made.
Minimum time commitment: Some time during rehearsal, mostly at the start of the year when fees are being collected.



  • Processing Invoices, Credits
  • Entering bills
  • Debtors & Creditors
  • Working with the Cashier, and assisting the Treasurer
Good if you: have QuickBooks Enterprise Online experience, and a very good understanding of bookkeeping using chart of accounts and items. 


Driving/packing Trailer

Rebate $50.00/per event within the Sunshine Coast to cover costs.
  • Pick up the SCYO trailer and take it to the MCSHS to load instruments and gear
  • Drive the trailer to an event on the Sunshine Coast
  • Be there at the end of the event to return gear to MCSHS and then return trailer.
We are looking for a list of people to call on.
Good if you: have got a v6 vehicle with a tow bar. 
Minimum time commitment: Half an hour to an hour before and after events.



Uniform Officer

  • Selling uniforms - Most work is done at the start of the year. Small numbers of uniforms are also bought just before a concert.
  • Keep track of stock levels and organising replacement stock (we have a uniform supplier, so this is not a big job and its usually only done once a year).
  • Ensuring there are spare uniforms at concerts (just in case ties/pins are forgotten or the wrong shirt is worn).  Lending and returning spares to SCYO.
Good if you: Have some time at the beginning of the year, and can be available at other times.
Minimum time commitment: During rehearsals, mostly at the start, and mostly at the beginning of the year.



First Aid Officer

  • Available at all rehearsals and events to administer first aid (must be trained)
  • Ensure everyone knows you are the first aid officer and where to find you
  • Take first aid kit to events
Good if you:  Are trained, or would like to be trained, in first aid and attend rehearsals
Note: It is possible that we could have one officer for each group.
Minimum time commitment: Apart from being available at rehearsals and events, hopefully none.


Member communications

  • Keep members informed by composing and sending newsletters, e-mail updates, text messages, social media, carrier pigeons, or other forms of communication
  • Print out handouts if necessary
  • Liaise with Music Director, committee and Group Managers to get information 
Good if you: are a social butterfly and are not afraid of technology.
Minimum time commitment: About an hour a week during terms.


Instrument and equipment officer

  • Maintain a database from existing SCYO records of all SCYO instruments and equipment.
  • Do a stock-take and ensure all SCYO items are suitably labelled.
  • Manage the instrument loan record keeping
  • Ensure instruments are serviced by the user at an SCYO approved outlet.
  • Organise and keep track of SCYO property and archives
Good if you: like to work on projects
Minimum time commitment: Some time getting organised at the start of the year, then keeping track of items.


Print liaison and archive officers

Responsibilities can include:
  • Archive concert programs, tickets, newspaper articles, photos
  • Sort and retrieve archived material
  • Assist in sourcing material for promotions or record keeping
  • Once a month, read the counter on the photocopier and email or phone the information to Berwick’s. Berwicks sends an email reminder between 15th -20th of each month
  • Keep a check on A4 paper use and restock when low
  • Assist with concert programs
  • Obtain quotes and deliver material to printers (Snap Printing), then collect when finished
Good if you: like to work on projects.
Minimum time commitment: Some time getting organised at the start of the year, then occasionally.



  • Take photographs or video at SCYO events
  • Manage image files and select for publishing or archival
  • Upload photographs or video to website, Picassa (online storage) or social media.
Good if you: Have a flair for photography and love to see your work appreciated.
Minimum time commitment: Some time during events and processing/uploading afterwards.


Enrolments Officer

  • Handles enrolment enquiries
  • Send out audition packages to schools
  • Assist Director of Music in organising auditions
  • Send out acceptance letters and enrolment packages
  • Set up online registration form and maintain enrolment records on database using system already in place and generate attendance rolls for librarians
Good if you: Like to work with people and a well-developed system.
Minimum time commitment : Some time (it varies) at the start and end of the year,  with not much to do in between.


Occasional jobs

Help is always required and welcome. The time depends on your availability. Jobs can include:
  • Publicity
    • Write articles for local newspapers
    • Contact local newspapers
    • Liaise with radio stations
    • Radio / TV interviews
    • Liaise with schools or other organisations
    • Place notices in newsletters
    • Distribute newsletters or posters
    • Write/edit/design newsletter to promote SCYO
  • Assist with archives, printing, instruments or equipment
  • Concert Programs
    • Design programs, posters and flyers for concerts.
  • Uniform shop assistants
    • Assist with uniform sales at busy times and checking uniforms are worn correctly at performances
  • Event volunteers
    • Assist with general setup or catering or sales or ushering at events
    • Stage managers
  • Rehearsal volunteers
    • Help with setup and take down of rehearsal space
    • Other assistance as required from time to time
  • Catering volunteers
    • Help catering co-ordinators